Material Exhibition & Lecture Programme

How can you build circularly? Which materials contribute to a healthy living environment? Will we soon be saving or generating energy with smart materials? MaterialDistrict Utrecht is the only annual event in the Netherlands that brings together material manufacturers and specifiers of materials from all sectors of spatial design and provides answers to the most important questions on the way to a circularly built and designed environment.


At the annual materials expo that can be seen during MaterialDistrict Utrecht, the visitor can see, feel and experience no fewer than 250 samples. All selected materials fall within one or more of the three sustainable themes (Energy Transition, Circularity & Wellbeing).

“Varied offer, extensive lecture program and a huge collection of samples to view and feel”

Sophie van Laat

High-profile lecture program

MaterialDistrict Utrecht is known for its compelling lecture programme, in which renowned (inter)national architects, scientists, designers and other experts share the latest developments in the field of materials with the public. Once again this year there will be two simultaneous theatre programmes in which a line-up of 50 speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the visitor..

The lecture programme is made possible thanks to the collaboration with a number of leading organizations including: PEFC Netherlands, Biobased Creations, Fibershed, BNI, Biophilic Design Academy, and Matter Technologies.

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