Presentation Guidelines

The huge success enjoyed by MaterialDistrict Utrecht comes from the “Curated Trade show” format. Exhibitors are an integral part of the overall concept, where the experience, information and inspiration takes centre stage. MaterialDistrict offers you this powerful and effective platform, where a few basic principles apply. These guidelines have proven to be invaluable to our exhibitors over the past 17 editions, and we work with you to create an effective stand presentation.

Our basic principles

Principle 1. Your materials take centre stage

Visitors want to experience your materials with all of their senses. Logos and pay-offs are therefore secondary to your presentation: your materials take centre stage in your stand.

Principle 2. Your stand has an open character

Visitors want to go on a voyage of discovery across the trade show floor, and quickly and easily come into contact with exhibitors. The more open your stand is, the more visitors you will attract. And the more visitors, the more leads.

Principle 3. Your stand looks fantastic

No target group is more critical than architects and designers. When your stand presentation looks great, this creates a sense of trust with your target audience and increases your chances for new projects. The contrary is also true; almost no architect will be drawn to a stand that looks uninspiring, unmanned or sloppy. Using banners, or standard sitting furniture, etc., is therefore not allowed.

Principle 4. The visitor takes centre stage

You can draw the attention of visitors by presenting new materials and make sure each visitor feels welcome. It is recommended to prohibit your crew from using smartphones while on your stand (with the exception of scanning leads). Make sure your stand crew looks well-groomed and is always polite, and preferably do not place sitting furniture on your own stand (this will encourage an unwanted passive stance from your stand crew). During the time your crew needs to eat or check their email, your crew can make use of the designated catering areas and Exhibitors’ Lounge.

Interested In Participating?

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