We have done our utmost to answer all of your questions in this exhibitor manual. If you still have any (specific) questions after reading it, please contact us at or +31 (0)20 7130650.


Subject to change.

Catalogue and Promotion


As part of your participation in MaterialDistrict Utrecht, your company will be listed in the Visitors’ Catalogue (5,000 copies) and on the MaterialDistrict Utrecht website. For your listing please, send us the following information:



Deadline: 1-2-2022


Are you planning to launch a new product at MaterialDistrict Utrecht?

Let us know, so we can promote it for you on social media!


Would you like to use our exhibitor promotional tools?

We have created a number of opportunities for you to promote your business and products to visitors. You can increase the success of your participation by publishing your products and innovations in the MaterialDistrict Utrecht Novelty Newsletter (75,000 subscribers) or with an advertisement in the official visitors’ catalogue (5,000 copies).


Click here to order these extra promotional tools.

Access and Badges


Construction badges

During construction and deconstruction days, all personnel needs a construction badge. These construction badges can be downloaded two weeks before the event via the exhibitor portal. You can print the badges for every employee. Everyone who is present during the build-up must be able to show this completed.

PLEASE NOTE: the construction badges will only be distributed when your invoice has been settled.


Stand Crew Badges

During the trade show, each of your stand crew will need an entry badge. These badges are personal and explicitly not to be used for guests. For guests, you can use the invitation cards! You can order the stand crew badges here.

PLEASE NOTE: you will receive an QR code that can be used at the exhibitor desk to obtain the badge.

Deadline 1-2-2022

Location, Route, and Parking


MaterialDistrict Utrecht is held in 2022 from 5-8 April in Werkspoorkathedraal, Tractieweg 41, 3534 AP Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Exhibitor Parking spaces

You can order three-day parking subscriptions for the exhibitor parking spaces here.

NOTE: Parking tickets can be downloaded 2 weeks prior to the event via the exhibitor portal.


Other Parking options

Parking is also possible without a preordered tickets. However we cannot guarantee that there are sufficient parking spaces.


Parking during construction and dismantling

We use a loading and unloading scheme for trucks and vans with a maximum duration of 1 hour during construction and deconstruction times. This is to guarantee good access for everyone and to prevent congestion.


Exhibitors’ Drink


During MaterialDistrict Utrecht, the exhibitor drink will be held on 5 April in the central bar on the exhibition floor from 18:00 to 19:00. All exhibitors and event partners are welcome. While enjoying a snack and a drink, we present the Exhibitors’ Awards. The participation options for MaterialDistrict 2023 are also presented.


Exhibitors’ Awards

More information following soon.



Be sure to book your accommodation in time and use this link to see which hotels are available near De Werkspoorkathedraal.



During MaterialDistrict Utrecht, free Wi-Fi is available. No rights may be derived from this service. The quality of the signal is completely dependent on the number of users and is not suitable for professional use. If you need a stable Internet connection during your trade show participation, we advise you to order a Wi-Fi voucher from our webshop to access the professional Wi-Fi network.


Have you ordered a plus package (check it here)? Then the Wi-Fi voucher is included.

Exhibitors’ Catering



More information will follow soon. 

MDU Expo


Are you participating in the MaterialDistrict Expo? One of our colleagues will contact you about the things you have to supply.

Deadline 1-2-2022




The huge success enjoyed by MaterialDistrict Utrecht comes from the “Curated Trade show” format. Exhibitors are an integral part of the overall concept, where the experience, information and inspiration takes centre stage. MaterialDistrict offers you this powerful and effective platform, where a few basic principles apply. These guidelines have proven to be invaluable to our exhibitors over the past 14 editions, and we work with you to create an effective stand presentation.


Our basic principles

PRINCIPLE 1. Your materials take centre stage: Visitors want to experience your materials with all of their senses. Logos and pay-offs are therefore secondary to your presentation: your materials take centre stage in your stand.


PRINCIPLE 2. Your stand has an open character: Visitors want to go on a voyage of discovery across the trade show floor, and quickly and easily come into contact with exhibitors. The more open your stand is, the more visitors you will attract. And the more visitors, the more leads.


PRINCIPLE 3. Your stand looks fantastic: No target group is more critical than architects and designers. When your stand presentation looks great, this creates a sense of trust with your target audience and increases your chances for new projects. The contrary is also true; almost no architect will be drawn to a stand that looks uninspiring, unmanned or sloppy. Using banners, or standard furniture, etc., is therefore not allowed.


PRINCIPLE 4. The visitor takes centre stage: You can draw the attention of visitors by presenting new materials and make sure each visitor feels welcome.  It is recommended to prohibit your crew from using smartphones while on your stand (with the exception of scanning leads). Make sure your stand crew looks well-groomed and is always polite, and preferably do not place sitting furniture on your own stand (this will encourage an unwanted passive stance from your stand crew).


Our stands

Cubical 1/8 (1) Cubical 1/8 (2) Cubical 1/4 Cubical 1/2
·  Table top cube 1×1 m

·  Grey carpet (tiles)

·  1x sign company name (approx. 20 x 100 cm)

· Max. 1 person stand crew

·  Table top cube 1×2 m

· Grey carpet (tiles)

· 1x sign company name (approx. 20 x 100 cm)

· Max. 1 person stand crew

· Optional: back wall 2×2 meters

· “Pergola” stand 3×3 m

· Grey carpet (tiles)

·  Max. 1 back wall

· Max. 2 back walls (cornerstand)

· 1x sign company name (approx. 20 x 100 cm)

·  Max. 2 persons stand crew

· “Pergola” stand 3×6 m

· Grey carpet (tiles)

·  Max. 2 back walls

· 2x sign company name (approx. 20 x 100 cm)

·  Max. 3 persons stand crew

download guidelines download guidelines download guidelines download richtlijnen


Order extra power sockets, light points, furniture (desks and stools), etc., in our webshop.

Deadline 1-2-2022



Submitting your stand design

We would like to help you make the most of your participation at MaterialDistrict Utrecht. We therefore ask you to send us your stand design that meets the above mentioned 4 basic principles. To make it easier for you, you can download the design guidelines above. If you follow these rules, it is very likely that your design will meet the MaterialDistrict Utrecht requirements.


Each stand design will be judged by us, so we advise you to wait for our approval, before you proceed with the production of your stand. Upload your stand design here.

Deadline 1-2-2022


Delivery of your stand at the trade show

Your stand will also be checked after it has been built on the construction day (4 April 2022). Our team, together with you and/or your stand builder will make sure that it is the same as the approved design and built to a high quality. After delivery of your stand, you can collect all the required necessities for your stand crew from the organisation office.

Prints (back wall)


Would you like to have your own visual back wall on your stand? We can help you! Order your own printed back wall(s) via our webshop in the Exhibitors Portal.

Deadline 1-2-2022

Attracting Visitors and Scanning leads


Attracting Visitors

The success of the show is partly determined by the efforts of the exhibitors to attract visitors. Each exhibitor will therefore receive a unique registration link and printed invitation cards with which relations can purchase tickets with a 100% discount.


To support your visitor recruitment efforts, we provide campaign material and digital banners. You can download them here (when they are available). Don’t forget to promote MaterialDistrict via social media. #MDU2022 #MaterialDistrictUtrecht


Do you need inspiration for your visitors’ campaign? Watch our webinar (in Dutch) with tips & tricks for exhibitors.


Scanning Leads

Visitors’ registration will be handled through the visitors’ registration system. Upon arrival, visitors will receive a personal badge containing a barcode. Would you like to use a lead scanner to scan your stand visitors? Order the leadscan app in our webshop!

Deadline 1-2-2022


Have you ordered a plus package (check it here)? Then the leadscan app is included.



Construction: Monday 4-4-2022, 8:00 – 19:00

Deconstruction: Friday 8-4-2022, 09:00 – 12:00
Opening hours: Tuesday 5-4-2022, 10:00 – 18:00
                              Wednesday 6-4-2022 16-9, 10:00 – 18:00
                              Thursday 7-4-2022, 10:00 – 17:00



The success of your participation is influenced by the positive experience of your visitor. Our philosophy is: at MaterialDistrict Utrecht, you step into a different, inspiring world. To create the ideal visitor experience, we have put together a few guidelines.


  • Your stand crew pays full attention to each visitor; it’s all about them.
  • Your stand and carpet should always be kept clean and tidy (with no waste lying around), so that all the focus goes to your beautiful materials.
  • During the time your crew needs to eat or check their email, your crew can make use of the designated catering areas and Exhibitors’ Lounge.
  • Your stand should remain staffed at all times during opening hours.
  • To show respect and ensure maximum hospitality to all visitors, the construction of the stands must be complete before the trade show opening, and the deconstruction of the stand starts only after the trade show is closed.

Storage and Logistics


Do you need logistical support during the construction and deconstruction of your stand, or storage for your trade show materials? Then read this document for more information.


Would you like to rent a locker or desk during the trade show? You can order these in our webshop!

Deadline 1-2-2022


Have you ordered a plus package (check it here)? Then a locker for your stand crew is included. The amount of lockers that you will receive depends on the type of stand you have chosen (check here) to determine how many lockers you will receive).



To optimise your presence at the event, you can order different products and services via our webshop in the Exhibitors Portal.


45 days before the 1st construction day of the show, any extras you may have ordered will be invoiced. This invoice must be paid before the start of the show.


Deadline 1-2-2022

COVID-19 measures

We expect to be able to hold another event in April 2022 without specific COVID-19 measures. If this is not the case, you will hear from us in good time. We will of course always stick to the current measures from the government and the RIVM at all times.

Terms and Conditions


General Terms & Conditions of MaterialDistrict are available here.