‘The Future is Here’ exhibition will be presented in three themes: New Techniques, New Materials and New Energy Sources.

What do you think of bricks made of recycled glass and stone? Textiles that dissolve in water, facades made from aubergine fibres, coffee ground panels, bioplastics made from crab shells? The accompanying seminar program, which is famous for its influential and leading speakers, will once again focus on the themes of innovation, inspiration and, of course, The Future!


New Techniques

Digital technology is a true evolution in the fields of design, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and recycling. 3D printing, CNC milling, robotized folding/stacking/weaving and new building techniques offer exciting opportunities for a new language of form, materialization and ornament.


New Materials

Another development is the circular economy, where renewable resources and the recycling of plastics and minerals play a major role. There is also considerable development in the area of low-energy materials from microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and algae, along with various residual materials coming from the agriculture and forestry industries.

New Energy Sources

In addition, the latest innovations from the fields of energy generation and conservation will be presented. In short, there will be plenty to experience, discover, discuss, share and find in this edition of Material Xperience!

Come to Material Xperience 2016 and let us inspire you with valuable knowledge, contacts for the present and a glimpse of what’s ahead.