* Programme subject to change. Lectures are in English unless otherwise noted.

Theater 1

Theme: Textiles

Moderator: Leonne Cuppen

11:00 Anne Boermans, Zeefier

Title: Zeefier is a textile dye made out of seaweed for the textile industry

With more than 25 years of experience in the fields of marketing, management, and media, Anne Boermans is a seasoned entrepreneur, making her the ideal partner in a link-up with designer-artist Nienke Hoogvliet. The two met in 2019, and after multiple conversations and discussing the quintessential literature on seaweed, Anne too became convinced of the impact and potential of seaweed as a resource for yarn and dye.
She has been an active campaigner for implementing new developments with a blue economy motive. Anne is striving for a step-by-step upscaling of seaweed as a renewable resource for the textile industry.

11:35 Lisa Ortsen, Studio Lisa Ortsen

Title: Kurkuma als ‘mood booster’ (NL)

Studio Lisa Ortsen is a design studio for material and textile design. The craft of weaving and research of materials and designs are at the center of designer Lisa Ortsen’s work. Her work is characterized by a distinct, visual narrative with careful detailing. All of her work is made from high quality, durable materials. After her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) in Maastricht, Lisa Ortsen opened her own textile studio in 2008, where she continuously searches for sustainable, stylish and practical solutions within the world of design.

12:10 Michiel Dekkers, i-did

Title: How do you felt?

After studying Electrical Engineering in Delft, Michiel started in 2000 as a Technical Consultant at the telecom giant Verizon, after which he gained commercial experience in 2003 as a sales manager at SNT, the market leader in call centers in the Netherlands. In 2006 he took the leap as an entrepreneur and started building Freedom Of Creation, a design agency specialized in Rapid Manufacturing (3D Printing). After a successful sale to the listed 3D Systems in 2011, Michiel joined the social enterprise i-did as co-owner. In addition to the social one, it also has a sustainable mission; from discarded textiles to high-quality end products made from recycled felt!

12:45 Samira Boon, Studio Samira Boon

Title: TEXTILE ARCHITECTURE, a promising future

Samira Boon founded her studio in Japan and combines the adaptive and sensory qualities of textiles with computerized production techniques. Recent works in the Netherlands include Archi Folds and Hortus Bionica: innovative series of textile structures, which bring together technique, science and art. For their development she collaborates with Tokyo University, the Dutch TextielLab and the Sensor Lab. Her projects led to multiple textile innovations, which have been rewarded with e.g. the Creative Heroes Award and the Architizer A+Design-Award.

13:15 Break
13:30 Janneke Leenaars, Interface

Title: Reducing the embodied carbon impact of spaces

Janneke Leenaars is Sustainability Manager Northern Europe at Interface with a focus on connecting the dots to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of the built environment and sharing our Climate Take Back mission. She believes in the power of leadership, courage and sharing knowledge to create a more thriving and sustainable society. Following a former career as consultant, coach and CSR manager, Janneke joined Interface in 2020 to re-apply her skills to face the global challenge of climate change, working to lower the embodied carbon footprint of the built environment and to accelerate re-generation.

Theme: Circular Design

Moderator: Leonne Cuppen

14:00 Rosemarie Wuite, Searious Business

Title: Circular plastics in the furniture

For nearly a decade, Rosemarie has worked in the fields of sustainable development, natural resource management and corporate accountability. Since 2017 she is passionately working as Business Developer for
Searious Business. Searious Business is an impact-driven company helping companies and public institutions on circular use of plastic with a competitive advantage, and help bring plastic pollution back to zero. 
Committed to action, for the love of our ocean. As Business Developer Rosemarie is responsible for circular strategy development, business design, facilitation of value chain collaboration, and efficient implementation of resource recovery projects in the packaging, furniture, and consumer electronics sectors.

14:35 Lucas Zoutendijk, Studio 1:1

Title: Schaduw Plekken (NL)

Lucas Zoutendijk is co-founder of Studio 1:1, a creative research and design agency that specializes in social, spatial and ecological issues. For their innovative approach the office has won, among others, ‘The Green Architecture Competition’ and has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards. Clients are mainly (semi) government institutions such as municipalities, Housing associations, Province and Water Boards.

Lately, Studio 1:1 has realized a number of ‘green & social projects’; like a participation game to increase biodiversity in new construction, a pilot with green lighting of a neighbourhood park and the development of the book ‘The Natural’ City’: 10 strategic concepts for a housing corporation how it can contribute to a greening of the city. 


15:10 Tynke van den Heuvel, Studio Wae

Title: From Waste to Sustainable Flooring and Paving

Tynke van den Heuvel started as a recycler in non ferro en precious metals at her fathers recycling company. She learned here that you can make valuable resources from waste. She founded Studio Wae in 2017. Since then they made an impressive impact on CO2 reduction of 500 tons and reuse of waste of 3.400 tons. Last year they closed the loop for ProRail with 32.000 m2 of circular paving made from their own waste. And they had a cool project at Tilburg University of 7.000 m2 of modular flooring.

15:45 Bart Vernooij, Studio Bart Vernooij

Title: Rethinking Composites – A design perspective

Bart Vernooij runs a small design studio active in both The Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain. The focus is on material experimentation and research, with fully finished products as the end result. These products are often not only designed but also produced within the studio.
Working with the right partners is a key element in the development of new material applications and the resulting products. Current projects include surf- and skate-boards made with natural fibres, products made from coffee waste and a line of ceramic objects.

Tjeerd Veenhoven, Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Title: Sustainable material design, from experiment to functioning value chain

Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven (STV) develops and designs sustainable materials and products. STV has extensive knowledge of upgrading organic residual flows for applications in and around various sectors such as interior, apparel and building. STV develops innovative biopolymers itself, or uses biobased polymers from partners. Through self-initiated and commissioned projects STV has acquired extensive knowledge about cellulose, chitin, starch and mycelium. Over the past 20 years STV has collaborated with many leading brands in making more sustainable consumption possible. Projects such as Palmleather and AlgaeFabrics have been awarded over the years for their pioneering quality. Foremost STV is a design studio, using design as a driving force to speed up sustainable transitions. Tjeerd Veenhoven is also part of the ArtEZ School of the Arts professorship Tactical Design and Fashion where he is leading various research initiatives on lignin, cellulose and mycelium.

Theater 2

Theme: Designers’ Day

Moderator: David Heldt

11:00 Zsofia Kollar, Human Material Loop

Title: What is the value of human waste?

Zsofia Kollar is the founder of Human Material Loop with a mission to create a true textile revolution and to show that people are not above but equal to the ecosystem. Human Material Loop collects, processes waste human hair and develops high-performance textile for various industries. Zsofia is a designer and researcher with an interest in materials and manufacturing processes.

11:35 Olaf Vermeulen, OVDesigns

Title: The upcycling story of coffee grounds, from coffee to polymer

Olaf Vermeulen Founded OVDesigns in 2016 as a design agency with the goal to create a sustainable future with its products. Soon OVDesigns started the development of biopolymers based on coffee grounds. Olaf wants to make a change in the polymer industry by stimulating the use of biobased and recycled materials in mass production to reduce the carbon footprint and the need for fossil fuels.

12:10 Charde Brouwer, Studio Charde Brouwer

Title: Afterlife

Charde Brouwer is a colour and material designer. She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy for over a year and switched to Amsterdam Fashion Institute to learn more about the commercial aspect of industry where she graduated in 2020. She did her internship at Lidewij Edelkoort in Paris, and worked for Lidewij Edelkoort, Bureau Nijman en van Haaster, gives lectures and currently working for Vlisco. She won the Design Talent Award in 2020 and the Green Concept award in 2021, and her work ‘Afterlife’ is currently exhibited all over the world.

12:45 Sarmite Polakova, Studio Sarmite

Title: Longevity overrated

Studio Sarmite is a natural materials design and research studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. Lead by Latvian designer Sarmite Polakova, the studio work focuses on transforming industry waste and various byproducts into new high-quality materials that can be brought back to the market. The designer believes that the term “waste” should be seen as a surplus rather than something negative and thus can be turned into a resource for creating something new. 

13:15 Break
13:30 Machiel van Westerhoven, RIGO Verffabriek

Title: Pure finishes of wood for both interior and exterior

Machiel is a paint technical engineer and in 2010 he took over RIGO Verffabriek together with his brother Toon. A Dutch family business that has been making paint, oil and varnish products in IJmuiden since 1938. Machiel and Toon are the 3rd generation at the helm. They combine the technical progressiveness of their grandmother and grandfather and the sustainability idea of ​​their father and uncle, adding their vision of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Theme: Designers’ Day

Moderator: David Heldt

14:00 Wessel van Beerendonk, Studio RAP

Title: 3D printed ceramics in architecture

Wessel van Beerendonk is an architect and co-founder of Studio RAP. Studio RAP is an architectural design company based in Rotterdam (NL) where they combine the power of computational design with innovative digital fabrication methods. Their team consists of architects, designers, roboticists, programmers and researchers. Together they explore innovative technology and try to improve the way architecture is designed, produced, managed and built.
For his lecture at MaterialDistrict 2022 Wessel will mainly focus on their large scale architectural design and 3D-printing projects.

14:35 Wies van Lieshout, Waterweg

Title: Waterweg: Building with dredge

Wies van Lieshout founded Waterweg three years ago, the start-up develops climate-adaptive paving from dredged material. Wies was trained as an industrial designer, with a master’s degree in Design for Interaction. Wies was not born with a passion for the dredging waste stream, yet she is working on it every day. It is her, and Waterweg’s, mission to give value to something seemingly worthless. As a designer in a conservative dredging and construction industry, she makes people think by exposing assumptions, raising awareness and realizing beautiful everyday products.

15:10 Simone Post, Studio Simone Post

Title: Post productions

Simone Post (*1990, Utrecht, the Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary designer with roots in textiles, based in Rotterdam. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with honors in 2015 and has won numerous national and international awards. Post’s work delves deep into color, surface, and print. Her works breath colour and optimism but at the same time are always asking substantive questions. 

For Simone the finished product is not necessarily the most interesting aspect of the design process. She has a penchant for the process itself, experimenting to discover the hidden potential of materials and techniques. Seeing the act of play as the essence of all. This always results in surprising outcomes exceeding the boundaries of materials, craftsmen and manufactures. 

15:45 Rik Maarsen, Rik Makes

Title: From Bio-degradable to Compostable

Rik Makes is a brand concentrated on compostable materials. Beautiful natural surfaces and materials are researched, designed and produced. These materials are nutritious for nature when discarded. Compostboard is RikMakes’ first example that shows the beautiful possibility of living with nature.

16:20 Jan-Paul Deurloo, Beton-Lab

Title: Waarom duurzaam esthetisch beton ook voor jou een toegevoegde waarde kan zijn (NL)

Jan-Paul Deurloo founded Beton-Lab at the end of 2017 together with his wife Marjolein. Their love for concrete, curiosity for new knowledge about production and design techniques and their desire to really pay attention to the things they did, led Beton-Lab to become a real Lab. Not so much the chemistry is central, but the endless possibilities when it comes to design and aesthetics. For example, they designed and developed a method for making 3D concrete wall tiles and they developed various recipes and production processes for sustainable aesthetic concrete. By processing rubble granulate in concrete, they can incorporate the DNA of buildings in their work, but their most beautiful discovery has to be the application of cement-free concrete in their Novel Gray label.