Walls and ceilings demand atmosphere, acoustics and flexibility. Preferably low-maintenance, scratch-, stain- and impact-resistant, but above all beautiful. From green walls and natural materials such as wood, bamboo, loam, and cork for a soothing, moisture- and temperature-regulating environment, to colourful wall covering, plaster or paint. From acoustic textile solutions to transparent interactive glass versions. The acoustic function of micro-perforations offers many possibilities for the use of hard materials. The ceiling can even be illuminating, stimulate daylight, or is joined seamlessly with the walls and floor. Functionality, convenience, and aesthetics are integrated more and more.

Novelties MX 2017

Arpa launches new colours and thicknesses of FENIX NTM

The self-healing panels from Fenix NTM are now available in four new colours and five new thicknesses, and the volkern variant is available with cores in twelve different colours.

Visit Arpa’s stands (D10 & D13) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the innovations yourself.



EASY Noise Control launches a new type of acoustic panel

WAVY Acoustic are innovative, flexible panels of exactly cut plywood with acoustic foam in the centre. Thanks to the clever grooves, designers and architects can shape the panels any way they want!

Visit Easy Noise Control’s stand (D5a) at Material Xperience 2017 for more information.



Finsa launches a new décor collection

Melamine that feels like real leather? It is possible with Nude! This material has the structure of leather with a matte finish and a unique soft touch: like you’re touching real leather.

Visit Finsa’s stand (D17) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the collection for yourself.



Kobe introduces two types of wall covering

What makes Heritage Wood so special is the structure of the material, which is made so that it not only looks, but also feels like real wood. It also has antibacterial properties that real wood doesn’t offer. Fortuna Silk feels like real silk and is made with the ‘MYLAR’ technique.

Visit Kobe’s stand (D25) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the products yourself.



Maiburg launches four new materials

Alvic Luxe and Alvic Zenit are glossy and matte MDF sheet material respectively, which is lacquered in the factory. The Kaindl line introduces BetonArt, with structures like concrete, and ENDgrain, which shows the endgrains of trees.

Visit Maiburg’s stand (D19) at Material Xperience 2017 to experience the products for yourself.



Michel Oprey & Beisterveld introduces new colours and thicknesses of Neolith

The new compact sintered materials show a stunning resemblance to natural stone! They offer many possibilities and freedom to create unity, have a simple finish and a minimum amount of seams, which has many benefits for aesthetics and hygiene.

Visit Michel Oprey & Beisterveld’s stand (D11 & D14) at Material Xperience 2017 to see Neolith for yourself.



Vescom introduces new furniture covering

The new types of furniture covering combine the soft and pleasant look and feel of textile with the functional properties of vinyl furniture covering. Scott has a fine woven structure and Jemo is the matching, slightly glossy ton-sur-ton uni.

Visit Vescom’s stand (D20) at Material Xperience 2017 to experience the coverings yourself.



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