The façade is the “face”, the most defining part of the building, with the roof as “fifth façade”, in which as many functions as possible are integrated. That façade becomes greener, more interactive and more transparent. With that, it resembles a real skin: daylight regulating, insulating, cleansing, moisture-regulating, self-cleaning and self-repairing, and above all, energy generating. The EPC is lowered every few years, which is a challenge for efficient heating and cooling, ventilation, use of natural heat sources, and integrated invisible solar panel solutions. Furthermore, the façade has to have its own identity and character. From heavy solid concrete or natural stone, to light steel and energy generating glass. From warm and familiar natural sustainable local wood, to cheerful robust bricks. From industrial zinc and aluminium to complex 3D shaped composites or white plaster: the growing choices promise a dynamic environment!

Novelties MX 2017

Architile introduces a new ceramic façade system

Vidar ceramic shingle is made of the famous Westerwald clay and is available in seven different colours and four different structures! They are attached to the façade with a lightweight hanging system and can be used for both new buildings and rennovaing old buildings.

Visit Architile’s stand (C9) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the system for yourself.

Brinkman Baksteencentrum introduces a new type of facing brick

ClickBrick Binair has a striking shape which creates life in the façade, whether it is used to make the whole façade or for accents and details. The brick makes it possible to create an unrivalled dynamic play with colour, light, shadow, absorption, and reflection.

Visit Brinkman Baksteencentrum’s stand (C4) at Material Xperience 2017 to see it yourself.

Creative Cladding launches a new façade panel

Working together with Kunradarsteengroeve from Voerendaal (NL), the only bluestone quarry in the Netherlands, Creative Cladding has developed a façade panel from waste material from the quarry, which hasn’t been used before. The panels are made in various textures and shapes, even bent!

Visit Creative Cladding’s stand (C6) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the panels for yourself.

Glazing Vision launches a new rooflight

The Sliding Box is a revolution in entry to the roof! This stylish, electronically controlled glass box provides entry to the roof and makes sure that people can walk to the terras easily and vertically via stairs.

Visit Glazing Vision’s stand (C15) at Material Xperience 2017 to see it for yourself.

Metaglas launches two new window systems

The new MethermoXL three part sash window system and the new casement window respond to the demand of architects for more design freedom in transparency.

Visit Metaglas’ stand (C3) at Material Xperience 2017 for more information.

Moso launches a new product for façade cladding and furniture

Bamboo N-finity is a solid bamboo beam that is impregnated for use outside and can be used for façades and furniture. The material is available in lengths until nearly 6 metres (20 feet)! It is possible to reach this incredible length by fastening bamboo strips together with a patented hook joint.

Visit Moso’s stand (C19) at Material Xperience 2017 for more information.

Roba Metals launches a series of stainless steel plates

Granex is pearl blasted and Vortex is polished directionlessly and can be coloured through a chemical process, which can have exciting results.

Visit Roba Metals’ stand (C28) at Material Xperience 2017 for more information.

Technowood launches new product line

Technowood products appear to be 100% natural wood, but actually consist of an aluminium or GRP base cladded with wood veneer. It is indistinguishable from the real deal!

Visit Technowood’s stands (C29) at Material Xperience 2017 for more information.

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