Hard or soft: we impose high demands on floors. Hardwearing, low-maintenance, acoustic, insulating, warming and even communicating. What about a carpet that neutralises smells or absorbs particulates? Circular construction calls for glue free, interchangeable solutions, and the demand for biobased raw materials is increasing. A challenge for the manufacturer, and a Valhalla for the architect who can choose custom-made floors more often. The biggest development is mixing materials and characteristics, like an ideal recipe, which creates a “fusion” offer. The looks of wood, the maintainability of plastic or ceramics, and the acoustics of textile. Or the warm look and acoustics of carpet, but mopped as easily as a smooth floor. The uncomplicated, ideal floor for every budget becomes reality!

Novelties MX 2017

Arturo introduces a new, seamless floor

Arturo Parlare is a seamless floor that you perceive differently depending on the light and your position. Subtle colour differences give the floor a natural appearance and make every floor unique!

Visit Arturo’s stand (A15) at Material Xperience 2017 to see it for yourself.



Donkersloot launches a new floor and wall tiles

3D wall tiles made from re-used materials and a new type of felt floor tiles, which can be lain in one direction free of strain, are the newest products of this manufacturer.

Visit Donkersloot’s stand (A23) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the products for yourself.



Forbo introduces two new types of floor covering

The Marmoleum Solid collection is a collection of five individual textures which form a base for creating pure, distinctive and contemporary rooms. Sphera is produced with the greenest methods and with the newest techniques, which results in a floor of extremely high quality.

Visit Forbo’s stand (A2) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the floor coverings yourself.



IVC Group introduces their first looselay luxurious vinyl floor

Matrix is a groundbreaking collection of modular luxurious looselay vinyl tiles and planks. They also introduce the innovative concept of Moods with which one can give a personal touch to the floor with 8 innovative sizes.

Visit IVC Group’s stand (A7) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the collection yourself.



modulyss introduces the characteristic floor tile collection Fashion&

6 stylish floor tile looks in 36 fashion colours, with which you have endless combination possibilities: Retro, Pop, New Natural, Scandinavian, New luxury or Grey.
Which style do you choose?

Visit modulyss’ stand (A14) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the collection for yourself.



Nora launches two new rubber floor coverings

The new rubber floor coverings norament 926 arago and noraplan lona offer completely new design possibilities! Various graphic designs can be integrated into the floor covering thanks to a special production process.

Visit Nora’s stand (A11) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the floor coverings for yourself.



wineo introduces a new clickable floor system

PURLINE wineo 1000 is a durable and environmentally friendly floor system. Aside from the glued version, wineo introduced a clickable variant that makes installing the floor a quick and easy job!

Visit wineo’s stand (A22) at Material Xperience 2017 to see the floor system for yourself.



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