The print industry is represented everywhere. Not only in printed matter and advertisement, but also on façades, tiles, textile, floors, wallpaper, and even solar panels. The traditional paper printing is making place for growth in other sectors.

From 2D printing to 2.5D printing to 3D printing to 4D printing: the traditional printing industry is expanding. Possibilities for ‘personalised printing’, not only on paper, but also on wood, glass, metal, and even concrete, are coming within reach. Special effects for products or packaging material can be achieved by applying smart inks. Smart print technology, meaning interactive techniques, can be integrated in printing matter through QR/NFC/RFID-technology. Printing with relief is increasingly present, mimicking real-life effects like wood structures, or depth in photographs. In addition, the innovation in paper is huge; with remarkable materials such as tomato plants, cacao shells or jeans being used for packaging material, covers, or even wallpaper. Innovation is working its magic in the printing industry and the amount of ‘printable’ materials will only grow.

Our Print & Sign ambassador



Annemarie Kleve (Anders2) will represent the sector Print & Sign. Kleve is an expert on printed matter and paper. She has a vast interest in other countries and cultures, and is well-travelled. According to Kleve, communication demands to have the guts to be distinctive, with your own book, magazine or striking printed material. To make printed matter special, you need to look beyond paper by stimulating the senses. You can change the experience of the story by looking, listening, tasting, feeling or smelling.


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Special Items

A small selection of what you can expect:

Vertical printing

The WallPen prints any design on indoor and outdoor walls in durable and high-definition colours. The printer can be used to decorate glass windows or turn a plain brick wall into a colourful mural. It is perfect for painters, start-ups, interior designers, decorators, artists and graphic designers.


A small selection of what you can expect:

ARA-LT laser film

ARA-LT laser film is a method to transfer a PVD layer onto a product. The carrier film is provided with a PVD coating (“physical vapour deposition”) and is placed on the product surface within the laser focus level.

Mohair & Kaschmir paper

These paper collections are inspired by the soft fabrics mohair and cashmere. Mohair and Kaschmir paper are both soft to the touch and have an FSC certification.

Atmospheric wood

Atmospheric Wood is a research project based on a historic contact printing technique, commonly called blueprint. Reviving and interpreting this traditional knowledge, Atmospheric Wood aims to bring back this process to contemporary architecture.

Fruit & veggie paper

This paper-like material is made from thin, dried slices of fruits and vegetables as part of an ongoing art project by Alfons Koller. No glue is added when the paper is put together by hand. None of the papers are the same; each is individual piece of nature and a unique piece of art.

Urban paper collection

Influenced by architecture, the Urban paper collection is crafted from cement and wood. Paper with dusty colours, vivid wood structures and powdery cement finishes – this is a collection in accord with the raw materials used in architecture.