* Lecture programme is subject to change. All lectures are in English unless stated otherwise.

MaterialDistrict theatre

Morning programme: Today’s Materials for Tomorrow’s Products

On Tuesday 12 March, the visitor of MaterialDistrict Rotterdam can enjoy a sensational speaker programme with the theme ‘Today’s materials for tomorrow’s products’, in which renowned (inter)national architects, scientists, designers, and other experts share the latest innovations regarding materials.

10:45 Walk in
11.00 Anouk Groen, RNA Design

Anouk Groen, director of RNA Design, is the ambassador of the sector Products. She is a trend forecaster, specialised in colour, material and finish design (CMF). With degrees in Product Design (Art Center) and Marketing Management, she focuses not only on the forecasting of colour and design, but also on finding the source of the trend and telling the story that goes with it, and why it is important. 

11.30 Eva van Kempen

Eva van Kempen is an Amsterdam based goldsmith and jewellery artist. She studied at the vocational school ofgoldsmiths in Schoonhoven and Amsterdam. Her work evolved drastically when she was confronted with serious health issues. 

12.00 Satyendra Pakhalé, Satyendra Pakhalé Associates

Title lecture: Creating Meanings with Materials

Multifaceted designer Satyendra Pakhalé combines the never placated ideal of reaching masses, through true industrial production, in order to contribute to improve the lives of people, with a healthy drive towards the pleasure of making a mark on one’s time with products that are far from silent, never banal and always creating meaningful original designs.

12.30 TBA
13.00 End


Afternoon programme: Today’s Materials for Tomorrow’s Print & Sign

On Tuesday 12 March, the vistor of MaterialDistrict Rotterdam can enjoy a sensational speaker programme with the theme ‘Today’s materials for tomorrow’s print & sign’, in which renowned (inter)national architects, scientists, designers, and other experts share the latest innovations regarding materials.

14:00 Walk in
14:15 Jutta Birkenhauer, GF Smith

Title: The World’s Favourite Colour Project

Jutta Birkenhauer is International Sales Manager at GF Smith, a company that offers paper products, special makes and highly bespoke services tailored specifically to the needs of the creative industries.

14:45 Ariane van Mancius, New Now Next

Ariane van Mancius is the driving force behind Now New Next, the boutique innovation agency. With NowNewNext, Ariane focuses on food and packaging innovations across five wide ranging channels, each requiring their own individual approach: retail, airline, petrol, agriculture and food services.

15:15 Gerben Harmsen, twnkls | augmented reality

Gerben Harmsen is the founder of twnkls | augmented reality. After a successful career (of 18 years) setting up internet companies and managing large online projects, he proceeded a new business opportunity in the combined areas Mobile, Real time 3D and Augmented Reality.

15:45 Fabienne Bruyninckx, Bruyninckx Designers

Fabienne Bruyninckx is a graphic and industrial designer and also a guest lecturer in several design academies. She has been in charge for more than 25 years of the graphic and industrial design office Bruyninckx Designers in Antwerp.

16.15  End

Partner Theatre

Morning programme: Dutch Recycle Textile

During this programme, the subject of textile recycling will be discussed.

10:30 Walk in
10:45 Ellen Mensink, Brightloops

Ellen Mensink is founder and director of Brightloops, a start-up specialised in circular textile. They upcycle post consumer textile into new fashion & interior items, and make yarns, knitwear and felt from old textile waste.

11:15 TBA
11:45 TBA
12:15 TBA
12.45 End

Afternoon programme: BlueCity Talks

BlueCity is an incubator for circular entrepreneurs in and around Rotterdam. At this moment the hub (situated in a deserted swimming pool) and dynamic community (of entrepreneurs, researchers, neighbours, the government and education) serve as a breeding ground for 16 innovative, circular companies linking their waste-streams. This way they create a much needed tangible and inspiring example for the circular economy, close the loops and build the city and economy of the future. 

13:45 Walk in
14:00 Emma van der Leest, BlueCity lab

Emma van der Leest is trained as product designer, but has great interest in the field of biofabrication. Biodesign is based on the principles of biofabrication, a field that emerged out of regenerative medicine technologies. She is also the founder of the BlueCity lab.

14:30 Christian Euser, Superuse

Christian Euser is specialised in innovation and new connections between parties. Since 2019 he is managing director of Oogstkaart, a marketplace for professional upcyclers and part of Superuse Studios.

15:00 Marjet Breuren-de Jong, Coffee Based

Marjet Breuren-de Jong is a product designer who graduated within the Coffee Based project. Coffee Based is a startup that develops various materials based on coffee grounds. 


15:30 Jelle Scharff, BlueRoof

Jelle Scharff is the founder of BlueRoof, a startup that aims to bring new value to waste materials from sewage treatment. They are currently developing a substrate material for green roofs.
16:00 Odile Sips, Studio Ongerept

Title: (k)Not your typical shampoo

Odile Sips is a multidisciplinary  social designer and illustrator. During her studies she started a collaboration with product designer Nikki van den Broek and graphic designer Jennifer Harteveld. Under the name of ‘Studio Ongerept’ they realize sustainable projects in Rotterdam.
16.00 End