Friday, January 29

13:30 – 13:50

Jurg Hertog (1973) is partner architect of Emma and leader of Emma Create. Emma explores, defines and executes spatial proposals for delicate built environments. Emma was founded in 2005 by architects Jurg Hertog and Marten de Jong in Amsterdam and works on meaningful projects that are constructed with care, that are carefully fitted in their surroundings, that are beautiful and that age well. Emma participates in partnerships to develop sustainable solutions for a changing world. For instance: ‘Aan Zee´is a new type of restaurant. It is autarkic in many ways. It uses sun, wind, wood fire, natural convection and the earth itself as sources for energy, heating, cooling, ventilation, water purification and waste water management.
‘The Aan Zee restaurant in Oostvoorne breathes sustainability and has tremendous respect for its environment and nature. This was the source of inspiration for the realisation of the restaurant. It is seen in the remarkable building, its interior, the kitchen, the views and the local approach of the owner.A magnificent example of a new style of entrepeneurship that embraces conciousness.’(extract of the Venuez Hospitality and Style Award 2012 jury rapport. Emma’s restaurant Aan Zee won the award for best restaurant concept.)