Renewable and cost-effective, Bioflexi is a high-density flexible fiberboard consisting of up to 80% – 90% agricultural waste materials that do not stand in competition with food production. Bioflexi is recyclable, compostable and free from harmful additives. This material is produced with established methods from the plastics processing industry and is suitable for use in interior and furniture design. Bioflexi also features slip-resistant and impact absorbing properties. This invention was registered with a European Patent in July 2014 (EP No. 14 002 343.3) and since June 2015 registered with an international patent (No. PCT / EP2015 / 001238).

Dr. Hanaa Dahy (from ITKE) was awarded the Best of Materialica Design + Technology Award 2015 in the C02 Catergory for this material.